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2x aquaBAR175 HC and 1x aquaBAR210 HC+

“I own three aquaBARs and they are high quality. The light is beautiful and makes my aquarium an eye catcher! Made in Germany, great customer service and fast suppoort are further nice points.”
– Thorsten S. from Löchgau

Aquarium: 200 x 80 x 65 cm
Liter: 1040 l
Product: 2x aquaBAR175 , 1x aquaBAR210
Mounting: aquaBAR mounting

Mixed coral aquarium with 3x aquaBAR200

“I can confirm that the aquaBAR is absolutely silent and durable. I have been using mine for more than five years now. I also love the vivid colors.”
– Bernhard B.

Aquarium: 275 x 125 x 90 cm – mixed coral aquarium
Product: 3x aquaBAR200
Mounting: Hanging

Saltwater aquarium with 2x aquaBAR75

“aquaLEDs offers top value for your money. The growth of my corals has improved since replacing my old lamps with the aquaBAR.”
– Timo S. from Mainz

Aquarium: 100 x 65 x 55 cm – mostly SPS, mixed aquarium
Liter: 300 l
Product: 2x aquaBAR75
Mounting: Lying under the cover

Saltwater aquarium with 9x aquaBAR150

“I installed nine aquaBAR150 on top of my aquarium. The product is well-made, absolutely silent and aquaLEDs provides top-notch customer service.”
– Siegfried Lösel from Nauheim

Aquarium: 500 x 90 x 70 cm – mixed coral aquarium
Product: 9 x aquaBAR150
Mounting: Aluminum profile pads

Cube saltwater aquarium with one aquaPAD

“Our aquarium is located in the living area. That’s why it would be very bothering, if a fan made any noises. I installed my aquaLEDs lighting eight years ago. Before that I had a T5 installed, but I changed because aquaLEDs are more durable, consume less power and are configurable. It’s a well-made and overall great product!”
– Stephan from Darmstadt, Südhessen

Aquarium: 65 cm Cube with soft corals
Liter: 250 l
Product: First generation aquaPAD
Mounting: Lying on the aquarium

Coral aquarium with 2x aquaBAR75 and 2x aquaBAR175

“Five years ago I installed four aquaBARs. They are still up and running. They are dimmable, generate low heat and illuminate my aquarium evenly. Plus the friendly support is amazing.”
– Franz Fuchs from Windschnur in Austria

Aquarium: 320 x 55 x 60 cm – Mixed coral aquarium
Product: 2x aquaBAR75 (83cm) und 2x aquaBAR175 (189cm)
Mounting: Hanging

Freshwater Malawi perch aquarium with aquaBAR150

“My Malawi perch aquarium is illuminated by one aquaBAR150 HighColor. The aquaBAR is high quality, plus the passive cooling and the good value you get for your money are further plus points.”
– Simon N. from Waldbrunn

Aquarium: 200 x 70 x 80 cm
Liter: 1100 l
Product: aquaBAR150 HighColor
Mounting: Lying on the aquarium

Meerwasseraquarium mit einer aquaBAR120 HighColor+

“I can recommend the aquaBAR for its quality, the German engineering, the warranty and the long life-time. In my opinion it’s the best LED-lighting that is currently offered on the market for saltwater tanks.”
– Alex N. from Münsterland

Aquarium: 120 x 35 x 26 cm
Product: 1x aquaBAR120 HighColor+ (109 cm)
Mounting: Hanging

SPS coral aquarium with 2x aquaBAR100

“The lamp is great! Because of the even illumination my corals are in top condition – even the difficult Fiji Acroporas. Overall I can see how my corals partially increased sixfold!”
– Remo Eugster from Wangen ZH

Aquarium: Becken RedSea 425xL with 120 x 58 x 55 cm
Liter: 425 l
Product: 2x aquaBAR100 HighColor
Mounting: Hanging

Saltwater aquarium with seven aquaBARs

“I like the simple handling if you don’t hang them from the ceiling but just lay them on you aquarium. Because then you can move them and it’s easy to work on your aquarium. I can recommend them because they are reliable and well-made.”
– HJH from Speyer

Aquarium: 340 x 210 x 100 cm
Product: 1x aquaBAR200 4x aquaBAR175 2x aquaBAR150
Mounting: Aluminium rails