For saltwater and freshwater aquariums

The aquaBAR HighColor+

Experience vivid colors with 20% more light output, plus an integrated control that you can use with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The aquaBAR at a glance

The best LEDs. Impressive colors. Made in Germany. Click on the plus signs in the image below and discover the most important advantages:

Passive cooling

No fan. Absolutely silent. Long life-time. Waterproof.

Very long life-time

Premium LEDs. Operation with lower voltage. High quality power adapter.

Vivid Colors

Impressive color intensity. 17 LEDs per module give maximum light output even at large and deep aquariums.

Ideal growth

Perfect color spectrum. Ideal growth environment for plants and corals.

Integrated control

Dimm light intensity. Change color combinations. Programm photo-periods during the course of the day. Simulate moonlight.

Passive Cooling

What makes us different is that we don’t use a fan. The aquaBAR is cooled with special aluminium fins. These are cooling so efficiently that you could operate the aquaBAR even at room temperatures of 50°C.

Absolutely silent

No bothering noises of a fan in the living area.

Longer life-time

Fans are often the weak spot at our competitors' lamps because of the high humidity. Once the fan fails, the LEDs overheat and are destroyed.


The aquaBAR is IP 65 certified as waterproof. If the aquaBAR falls into the water, there will be no damages.

Long life-time

Buying an aquaBAR is a clever investment into the future. You get a 3 years warranty on all parts. Our experience shows that most of the aquaLEDs we sold in 2011 are now in 2018 still up and running. For the aquaBAR HighColor+ we went a step further and optimized all parts for an even longer life-time:

Operation with low voltage

We use 6 watts premium LEDs but during normal usage we only operate them with 2 watts. That's the reason they last longer, consume less energy and keep their light intensity even after many years.


In the unlikely event that one LED fails, there will be no damage to the whole lamp. Our LEDs are wired separately and will keep working if one fails. You won't even notice a difference in brightness because the other LEDs will automatically be operated with a higher voltage.

High quality power adapter

The included power adapter is dimensioned for higher power consumption. That's why it doesn't get too hot and will last longer.

Perfect growth

Impress your guests with a brilliantly illuminated aquarium that amazes with colorful plants, corals and fish. Even deep aquariums are perfectly illuminated.

T5 lamp

A customer’s aquarium before installing the aquaBAR: Pale colors, moderate plant growth, high energy consumption.


Two month after installing: The aquaBAR is adapted for the photosynthesis and promotes growth of plants and corals.

For saltwater and freshwater aquariums

The aquaBAR is available in two versions that are adapted to the different demands of saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

For saltwater aquariums

aquaBAR Reef Blue

17 LEDs are built in every module. The graphic below shows the various LED colors and their positioning on the aquaBAR Reef Blue for saltwater aquariums:

  • Cool White
  • Royal Blue
  • Deep Blau
  • Violet
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Moonlight Blue
  • Cool White
  • Royal Blue
  • Deep Blue
  • Violet
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Moonlight Blue

The aquaBAR Reef Blue for saltwater aquariums contains additional Royal Blue and Deep Blue LEDs.

For freshwater aquariums

aquaBAR Cool White

The aquaBAR for freshwater has party different colors. The graphic below shows the LED colors and their positioning on the aquaBAR Cool White for freshwater aquariums:

  • Cool White
  • Royal Blue
  • Deep Blue
  • Warm White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Moonlight Blue
  • Cool White
  • Royal Blue
  • Deep Blue
  • Warm White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Moonlight Blue

The aquaBAR Cool White for freshwater contains less Blue and more Warm White, Red and Turquoise colored LEDs.

Impressive color intensity

Experience brighter and more vivid colors: For the aquaBAR HighColor+ we use the newest CREE XP-G3 LED. It’s the best available class of LEDs.

Saltwater spectrum

aquaBAR Reef Blue

The aquaBAR Reef Blue illuminates your saltwater aquarium in vibrant deep blue colors and intensifies the colors of your unique underwater world.

Freshwater spectrum

aquaBAR Cool White

Whereas the aquaBAR Cool White has less blue and more warm colors. This way your freshwater aquarium will shine in natural feshwater colors.

Endless options

Control each color channel independently and choose your favorite color and brightness.

Easily dimmable

With our new Hybrid-Technology dimming takes place in 4000 tiny and unnoticeable brightness levels.

Absolutely flickerless

The light is especially comfortable for humans and animals because we use a new Zero-Flicker-Technology.


Very high level of energy efficiency of 170 lumens-per-watt. Ordinary LEDs only get 110 lumens-per-watt.

Elegant mounting

Included in the delivery is a modern 200 cm long steel cable that you can install on your ceiling. As an accessory we also offer a mounting system that is adjustable in length und can be swiveled. Furthermore the aquaBAR can also be installed lying on the aquarium or can be mounted under the cover.

The right size for your aquarium

You can get our lamps as one piece whereas you had to mount several of our competitors’ smaller lamps next to each other.

Evenly illuminated

Instead of illuminating spots, with the aquaBAR your aquarium will be illuminated over the whole area evenly which looks more natural and beautiful.

What’s more, there will be less shadows. Corals will grow better and there is no danger of burning corals because it is to bright on one spot.

Eight sizes

The aquaBAR HighColor+is available in eight different lengths and consists of one to eight LED-modules.

17 LEDs are installed in each module and have in total a maximum power consumption of 30 watts.

aquaBAR30 HC+
31 x 9 x 3,4 cm
30 W
aquaBAR60 HC+
57 x 9 x 3,4 cm
60 W
aquaBAR90 HC+
83 x 9 x 3,4 cm
90 W
aquaBAR120 HC+
109 x 9 x 3,4 cm
120 W
aquaBAR150 HC+
135 x 9 x 3,4 cm
150 W
aquaBAR180 HC+
162 x 9 x 3,4 cm
180 W
aquaBAR210 HC+
189 x 9 x 3,4 cm
210 W
aquaBAR240 HC+
215 x 9 x 3,4 cm
240 W

3,4 cm thin

9 cm wide

31 bis 215 cm long

Reef Blue / Cool White


6 W Cree™ XP-G3 Premium LEDs

170 lumens-per-watt

120 ° radiation angle

Separate moonlight LED


3 year warranty

Adjustable cable length (2m)

Integrated control

Cable mounting and power adapter included

Discover our new aquaCLOUD control

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