The new control

The aquaCLOUD

The aquaCLOUD ist the new control for the aquaBAR HighColor+ and introduces new possibilities. You can control the aquaCLOUD with the web browser of any smartphone, tablet oder computer.

Either connect directly to the aquaBAR or access it worldwide via internet.

Individualize your aquarium

More possibilities. More comfortable.

Simulation of sunrise and sunset

If you experienced once how natural and soft the light of our aquaLEDs fades in and out during the course of the day, you couldn't cope any longer with mundane switching on and off.

Preset periods during the course of the day

Quick start with preset periods: Use one of many pre-configured simulations during the course of the day.

Manual mode

In manual mode you can dim the brightness of each color channel separately. (Cool White, Royal Blue, Deep Blue, Violet UV, Red, Green and Moonlight)

Expert mode

Free programmable timer enable you to set several point of times at which the brightness will be dimmed. You can choose duration, brightness and color. Configure at what time the sun rises and sets, how long the transition period should last and what color combinations should be part of it.

More features

We always take our customers' feedback and optimize the aquaCLOUD. Be curious for future features!

Test Run Mode

See your new settings in action during a fast test run.

Cloud Mode

With the new cloud mode you can simulate a shadow play.


Changing lamps is stressful for your aquarium's inhabitants. Our acclimatization mode makes the transition slowly.

Lunar cycle with separate moonlight LED

Natural moon shine effect for your aquarium with lunar phase simulation:

Separate moonlight LED

Unlike our competitors that use a common blue LED, we use a separate and less bright moonlight LED. Thus it looks more natural and the corals don't die off because of too much stress since it's too bright during the night.

Simulation of lunar cycle

Simulate the whole 28 day lunar cycle. At new moon it is darker and towards full moon the moon shine becomes a little brighter every day.

Easy setup

The new aquaBAR has an integrated WIFI-module and can be controlled with any web browser.

Control via web browser

You can access the aquaCLOUD via web browser of your smartphone, tablet or computer. Either connect directly to the WIFI of the aquaBAR (no router) or connect the aquaBAR with your router to access it via your home network.

Inter connectivitiy

If you want to use multiple aquaBARs they will connect to each other automatically. This way you can control all of them at the same time.

Command center

Manage all your aquariums in one place and invite other people to access the aquaCLOUD in order to control it together.

What customers say about us

Our customers love us. That's why they sent us images of their beautiful aquariums. On our testimonial page you can see these images and read what they have to say about us: