More Dynamics Mean More Enjoyment

Once you have experienced how naturally our lighting simulates sunrise and sunset, you will never again be satisfied with a simple „on“ and „off.“ Any smartphone, tablet, notebook, or computer can be used as a graphical interface to control the lighting and show its moonlight.

Dimer Control

//Download Quickstart Dimer Control

  • // Dimmer triggered by a time switch
  • // Simple to use
  • // 3 adjustable phases:
    sunrise – 100 % daylight – sunset
  • // Ten selectable programs, including an initially blue dawn phase in the
    morning (available only with reefBlue). Percentage and intensity of
    white (and of blue with reefBlue) adjustable.

WLAN Control

//Download Quickstart WLAN Control

  • // Dimmer triggered without an external time switch
  • // Configurable via WLAN per smartphone, tablet, notebook, or computer
  • // Independently adjustable channels: two white, or one white and one blue
  • // Flexible choice of dimmer times and duration
  • // Graph display of daylight cycle
  • // Instant simulation of daylight cycle
  • // Demonstration modus (quick reactivation of lighting,
    e.g. for evening guests)

Extension Cable

Cable to forward dimmer signal from one lighting fixture to another. Thus only one dimmer is required for multiple lights.

Dimmer Cable

For connecting the light to an available aquarium computer or home automation components. 0 – 10 V Interface needed. Also available with connectors for GHL computers.